Tips from the Captain

1.) Book early in your visit, as poor weather may cause you to reschedule.

2.) Bring sunscreen/sunglasses & any snacks/drinks you want in the cooler (please avoid glass).

3.) Check the forecast and dress accordingly.

4.) If you're bringing a rod please inform the captain the day prior, he will make room.

5.) If prone to motion sickness avoid heavy/greasy meals, & start taking your anti-naseau the night before departure.

6.) Touch base with your captain the day before the trip, be mindful he may be offshore on a charter.

7.) Get the full experience by taking your freshly cleaned catch to one of our local beach restaurants. Many offer a "charter boat special," typically fry/blacken/grill with a side option. Take this chance for an unforgettable meal experience that doesn't disappoint!

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Saltwater Fever Charters

Captain Brandon

(850) 686-1872  7am-7pm CST

Gulf Breeze


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